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When handling a maid service, you are in charge of a whole lot of things that will require A Software To Manage Maids

. You would want your maid services software to save you business cost as well as time too.

But that's not all. One of the most important things to manage once you set your marketing game right is to track and manage all your orders. Your Maids Management Software should allow you to fit a host of jobs into your schedule every day. That would also help you sort your maids depending upon the workload and check their availability.

Taking these and many more factors into consideration, we have curated this list of top 5 maid service softwares in 2020. These work order software fit maid business's unique needs apart from offering a smooth interface.

Maid Service Software Reviews:

Here is an overview of this software before we enter the detailed review:

#1. Maidily

The reason why Maidily tops this list is that this software just covers it all in an integrated yet dynamic manner. You get the option of generating the customer invoice directly from the app for each job. It is done instantly as the job is done.

Moreover, you can add customized rates by just adding a custom line item to the same job which makes the process 10 times easier. Then you can also opt for a no-risk approach by making your customers pay online for your services. 

Their online customer booking tool allows an easy to use interface for customers which increases the chances of conversion. Online booking makes the process easier and is the preferable mode these days too.

Maidily's online booking tool is properly integrated with a variety of web publishing platforms and hence you can connect your website with it. Scheduling and job management is also as smooth as a breeze.

You can customize and automate the crucial contact point before, during and after the job. This makes the process more uniform and reliable- one thing which is sorely missing with cleaning service companies.

This Maid Service Booking Software also creates customized and engaging forms to attract customers and display your name as a professional one. 

You are also getting a powerful scheduling system where you can assign jobs as well as send out reminders to your maids. That lets you keep both timeliness and schedule in check. You can opt for their maid service software free trial or even ask for a demo on their website and make sure the service is as reliable as it claims.

#2. mHelpDesk

This software is a bit pricey than others on the list but is also one of the easiest to use and manage. It has a smooth interface and has a section to organize all your invoices in one place.

You can get access to all the current invoices, paid invoices and those are overdue. You might find it difficult to get accustomed to the interface at first because the features aren’t the easiest to find. But the invoices are well organized and sorted by balance, customer, date of issue and more.

Your cleaners can check their schedule on their mobile apps and check their jobs as they keep doing them. They can manage all their jobs intelligently since they would know their schedule in real-time. Although, the addition of Google Maps like that in Maidily could have been better.

Assigning tasks is smooth on this scheduling software for maids too with an option to see which of your maids are free to take up tasks in real-time. In this way, you can also get an idea of your current demand and if you need more workforce at your disposal.

The $374/month pricing isn’t the cheapest but it’s a competitive rate. But you’d get a better idea on the right Maid Employee Scheduling Software as you go on to read this comprehensive review.

#3. Zenmaid

Another maid service scheduling software to support your cleaning business, zenmaid is quite fast at what it does. You will get a user-friendly calendar that can help you stay organized and quote correct schedules to your customers. But the interface does lag a bit and you may find the features a bit scattered. That doesn’t make it ideal for a newbie who isn’t much accustomed to computers.

A lot of the time, cleaning businesses promise a service time but can’t abide by it due to various difficulties. But that risk is eliminated here since now you would know exactly which time slot you can quote your customer and which maid is free at what time. Having all this information on an app will help you streamline your business.

You will also find automated features in the Zenmaid software based on your user preferences. It isn’t a very intelligent feature as of yet though and you would have to manually set messages, templates and more. You are also getting a 14-day free trial just like Maidily with this one but the free demo isn’t available here which is another reason this software isn’t ideal for people who aren’t expert at computers.

The app can replace the work you do in multiple places like Excel, Google calendar, docs and more. You will be able to track your incoming orders and overall progress along with invoice records. The process though can be a bit challenging to understand because of the complexity of the interface. 

You can also upload the Zenmaid booking form on your website. That allows for quick and easy booking as well as increases the chances of lead conversion. You can follow up and try upselling to the prospective customers this way.

#4. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is the all-in-one cleaning business software that manages customers, provides an interface for payments, creates a schedule and allows to hire workforce too. You can run your day-to-day cleaning business operation quite efficiently using this software.

Using this Maid Service Dispatch Software, you can dispatch, create invoices, schedules, make estimates and do a lot of tracking. It offers a short free trial and a mobile app that your workers can download and get updated of their incoming and upcoming tasks. The amalgamation of features can make the experience a bit tiring at first go. Everything seems a bit cluttered until you’re well experienced with this Maid Scheduling solution.

Just like most other software of this kind, Housecall offers your customers to book an appointment easily online. They can also pay the bill through the Instapay online and you’ll receive the money instantly in your account. That makes it a good app for your business to go cashless and your receipts to remain organized in one place.

You can also send progress update texts to your customers using this app. This improves the impression that you have on your customers. A cleaning service won’t typically send an ‘I’m on my way’ message that stands out of the crowd but you do.

You can also customize these texts although it’s a time taking task and an automated software would have been better. You also get a simple 1 click invoice and estimate tool to set your profit calculation alright. You can understand when your business is growing enough that you can add better equipment or increase the workforce’s salary when you have a track of profits. Again you would need a certain level of expertise to understand the data collected by the software because of its mediocre data presentation.

#5. Fieldez

Fieldez offers a comprehensive solution to your complete maid cleaning business management needs. That means you can manage employees, customers as well as field service at one place. Although the interface isn’t the smoothest, it is because the software is filled up with features.

You can store all your data and business files including older ones in this one app saving you the hassle of using various spreadsheets, docs, and more. You can also access the software using mobile which makes it compatible for all employees as well as your managers.

You can check employee data, work insight as well as client feedback for each employee in real-time. The software also allows you to track your employees in real-time and ensure your maids are always on time. No more worrying about employees making up lies- you can track them while they’re at work.

That also makes it easy for the maids to find addresses. The app also has accounting tools to create paperless invoices that can be paid online too. That makes the process more transparent although the feature is quite common among these software. 

The app also records attendance and helps you keep a track of the leaves taken by your employees. You can broadcast urgent messages, announcements and more to field personnel through various groups as per convenience. The employee can update service status as soon as they’ve started working to help you keep track of the hours.

But at $25 per person, the software can seem quite a bit costly especially if you have a large workforce. Its primary features don’t really stand out and won’t justify the price tag. But that can be useful if you have a smaller workforce.

So, on the basis of above discussion, One can say that,

Best Maid Service Software:

Maid Software: Why is it Must to have?

Now you might be wondering if you actually need to buy separate software for your maid cleaning business. Is it necessary? Can you do without it? How will it help you? Will it save you time and money?

Naturally, these and a lot of other questions go through our mind while buying a foreign software that we haven’t used before. You may even have apprehensions because traditionally cleaning businesses have been run by owners and managers only.

There are separate people and even a separate department designated for each task including accounting, customer care, hiring and more in huge cleaning businesses. You might have thought of that kind of a model when planning to make it big with your firm.

But look at the ground reality. How much profit do you make with this? Since it’s a periodic task at times, the flow of income isn’t as regular as in a manufacturing business or so.

Then you might not be able to retain all your clients for long. So you can’t risk having a full-fledged staff for accounting, feedback and every other purpose. Moreover, since it’s a service-based task, you need to pay all your maids and cleaning professionals irrespective of whether you get work or not.

That is the case when you aren’t hiring people on a commission basis which isn’t recommended since the work may not be as per your liking then. But as you expand your cleaning business, you need to manage more and more things yourself.

Constant inquiries, customer appointments, employee scheduling, and invoicing are just some of a lot of tasks that you need to handle. Instead of hiring a person for each of these tasks, what you can do is just buy a good cleaning software that sorts it all in one place for you.

It not only streamlines the process but also helps maximize your chances of lead conversions. Now let us look at the challenges you face while starting or running a Maid Service.

Most of your staff work off-site in a maid cleaning business. That makes communication and scheduling quite challenging for you as an owner or a manager.

You first need to contact the customer but before making an appointment, you need to check with your maid or employee whether they’ll be free by that time. A software solves this issue by updating the maid’s entry point at the current workplace and listing the vacant slots.

You’ll be able to see in real-time which employees are free at which time. That will provide your customers with more flexibility and make the scheduling task easier for you to manage. The second challenge in field jobs is the selection of travel routes and travel management.

The apps can suggest the best route and track your employees real-time. That ensures there’s no miscommunication between the customer, maid and the company. The maid now truly works under the company and even the customer can track where they are.

Then you would have to separately message each customer on whether the maid is on the way or the invoice and so on. The software also takes care of that in this case.

Another crucial challenge comes while invoicing. There can be a miscommunication between the pricing quoted by you and by your employee depending upon the work they did.

That’s because customers often demand more work than they previously asked for. The software allows for standardized rates for each service which helps the employee easily quote the price and print the invoice for the services they performed.

You no longer have to talk for a long time on a call with customers discussing the prices and mode of payment anymore. The software now takes care of it. It even lays out a payment method that helps you sort all your invoices in one place.

That also helps you check your profits easily. Previously you might be getting tired preparing spreadsheets, docs and more for different invoices, notes, schedules and more. Anybody new in your company would have taken quite a while on getting a hang of that.

Moreover, it gets challenging to see the actual profits and the areas you can save money on when you don’t have everything integrated. But in this app, you have all your invoices, employee salaries and more sorted at one place so you can easily keep a track on what you’re saving.

At times as cleaning business owners, we don’t know when to hire new employees or layoff old ones. That’s because we don’t have proper records on which maids are more efficient, how many appointments we got shot on and more.

We don’t even have a track of whether we are overworking our employees. That gets clearer when you have a proper profile of each maid and you can see who has worked how much in a week. 

You can then easily distribute work and ensure no one gets exhausted and overworked. That will also allow you to know when to hire new employees depending upon customer demands.

Another common issue is converting leads. When people come to your websites online, they go through your interface and often want to opt for an online appointment rather than mailing you for a quote.

The software integrates with your websites and allows you to put customized forms for your customers to ask for a quote or book an appointment directly from the website. You will get the notification from the software and then get on a call with them directly. That would also provide you with their contact details to persuade them in future even if they’re just enquiring as of now.

Features of a Cleaning Business Software

Simplifying Job Scheduling

Cleaning business software has an easy interface for quick scheduling of tasks for your employees. That lets you check out all your options when making a customer appointment.

You can check whether Emma is available at 6 PM on Tuesday or you would have to reschedule with the client for another time. That saves you fake promises too. You can be transparent and clear with your employees as well as clients with easy scheduling.

You can also assign tasks based on routes to your team. The software also allows you to instantly cancel, reschedule and schedule a new task. The message goes to the whole team which ensures clear communication. It also ensures that your employee doesn’t reach a client that has already cancelled or rescheduled.

GPS Tracking and Route Optimization

You can check the closest member of your team on the map and subsequently assign a job to them. You will be able to see a real-time GPS map and track your whole team during work.

That will allow you to make a quick quote and schedule your appointment smoothly. That will also ensure better handling of your team. Your employees can’t really get late to work which enhances the credibility and reliability of your company. You can also fit in last-minute work to your team members and expand your work capabilities.

Moreover, this software gets you the most efficient route. Whether you’re starting from a worksite or your company, you will find the fastest route right through the map. The software works in mobile devices too so all your employees can have this one with them all the time.

That is another lifesaver and you must check if your software has a mobile app because only then you would be able to track your maids who can’t roam around with laptops practically.

Run your operations on the go

You will have all the information you need about your business everywhere in user-friendly apps in your mobiles. That ensures you aren’t missing out on anything even when you’re out on a leave.

You will have access to all customer, job info, invoicing, payments and more right at a click. You can also have your team updated in real-time through push notifications of this software. That ensures all your team is on time and running ahead of schedule.

You won’t forget anything as the software won’t let you in this case. You can also create customized checklists and send out to your team so that they have all the resources to deliver top quality work.

You can fill out checklists during scheduled visits and even use these when hiring new employments and more. For better guidance, you get the option to add attachments to tasks like photos, PDFs and more.

Have all the Client and Job Details sorted

The cleaning management software allows you to have all the client information and data in one place. You just need to change the status of a service request from a client to a booking into the software.

Then you won’t need to call the team separately and they would get notified of the change right on the app. You can add all the client and job information therein along with any additional notes from your side. 

You can also check out previous records of the client and find the invoices, details and more using the easy search feature. All you have to do is search for a client and you would get all the previous records there for reference too.

Invoicing and Follow-Ups

Double-entry can become a huge issue in service-based jobs like cleaning because you might include the same service in two 2 segments at times. That leads to a lot of confusion on your as well as the client’s part.

Solution to this problem lies with Maid Service Invoicing Software

. The ready to deliver invoice formats are easy to understand and keeps all your invoices organized. You can even go back to an invoice from months ago with the cloud sync storage.

These services remind you of creating and sending invoices, collecting payments, tracking past invoices, dues, and paid. You can send customized invoices to your clients for a better brand impression using software like Maidily.

You can select the messages that go with your brand's motto and also provide a welcome message to the customer. Then you can add all specific and personalised items like date due, payment options, total items, line items. You can even include your company's logo, tagline, website, phone number, email and more in the invoice.

You would also get the option to select from colour schemes for the invoice which you can print at the office or send by mail to the client. 

Batch Invoicing

Not only you can invoice a single bill at once but send a whole batch of invoices at the same time saving you a lot of effort and time. But how does the software do that? The software keeps running list of the jobs available for invoicing and you can choose the ones for which you want to create invoices.

You can then send multiple invoices at your weekly cycle with just a few clicks. That saves you the hectic task of preparing each invoice separately that often requires a separate employee.


The cleaning software can collect automatic payments as well as provide you with the option of getting online payments by syncing your website to a payment platform. Software like Maidily can connect your website to payment platforms and provide your clients with the option to pay you directly in your bank.

Then some software also provides the option to automatically deduct charges from the credit cards of the customers who have enrolled for your subscription. You will get paid quicker and as a result, you can do a lot of stuff for your company.

Late payments can be demotivating especially if you have a new business and have just invested a lot in the place. So you can keep an advance payment policy and collect your payments at the time of booking confirmation or after the task too.

You will also be able to track payments and check which invoices have been paid and which are due using this software. You will have a better idea of the amount you should expect to receive from various clients at the end of the month by tracking your payments.

Software like Maidily also provides invoice reminders and mark jobs with 'requires invoicing' status. That ensures you never miss out on any invoice in a large business. Sometimes even maids can steal the payments if you ignore the invoices and the software help you manage that and save your losses.

You can also manually set a reminder depending upon your terms and conditions. You can set a reminder if you want your invoice at the time of the visit or after the contract is done. Similarly, you can set a reminder for the last day of the month, week or even a custom schedule as talked of between you and the client. The software offers you a foolproof method that doesn't let any invoice slip by.

Set Team Permissions

Instead of sending out one message to every team member including maids, deep cleaners and supervisors, you want to send customized messages to different people at times. That can get challenging when you have frequent communication to make like is in the case of a large cleaning business.

You can provide all your team members with the application and connect with them. Then you can set different permissions for each of them depending upon their roles or so. That means you would control what different team members can see and edit in their account.

You will also find preset permissions based on their roles. A worker is only allowed to see their job information and track their work time on the field. They may also be able to see their day's schedule.

Similarly, a dispatcher would get the option to edit a task, team as well as client's details. That helps the dispatcher do the task smoothly in case the customer has to cancel or reschedule or that is the case with the employee. He can reassign the task to another maid close to the location if that is the need of the hour.

The manager would be allowed to edit all areas except for the payroll, and reports. Now you can have your own hierarchy in your office and distribute permissions accordingly. You can even allow some specific members to edit invoices as well as quoting, adding notes and more for accounting purposes. That comes useful if you have a separate accountant for your company.

Time and Job Tracking

Recording labour costs and making employee team sheets will become as smooth as a breeze with cleaning software like Maidily. Your team just have to set the entry or start time in the app and the software will keep a track on the amount of time he worked.

As soon as they clock out, they would update in the app and that would get updated in the employee's timesheet as well as the job's. That would reflect in total at the end of the month through which you can decide on the incentives and so.

It's quick to start and stop and also helps you get a better idea of how many hours your employees are already working. You can then decide better on whether you need new hirings or not.

Account managers would also be able to check each team member's logged in hours every day. That also makes creating payrolls easier. Just download timesheet reports, push them into QuickBooks Online and process payrolls easily. 

You also don't have to worry about forgotten clock-in times and timesheet errors. Account administrators get the option to edit, approve, view, start and stop timers for various employees. You can then check the detailed payroll reports and avoid common payment mistakes which are prevalent in such jobs.

You will also get a clearer picture of your labour costs and can modify your prices accordingly. The account administrator and managers would need to verify the timings and ensure no one logs wrong timings for themselves. 

Track Expenses

Each member of your team can now track expenses instead of you trying to get into every situation and checking on the costs. Your employees can just click the receipt's photos, enter expenses, assign them to jobs and attach snaps along with them. 

It takes a lot of time counting the little reimbursements, material costs, travel costs and so. Save all the time and make the process hassle-free using this user-friendly software.

You will also know exactly how much a job cost you when all the expenses are listed beside it on the app. Your team will also be saved from the worry of carrying receipts and avoiding misplacing them.

These paper receipts can often disappear when they are thermally generated too. So, having a receipt logged in beside the task is a win-win situation for both you and your team. You will have a detailed track of each expense and whom to reimburse within a few clicks.

You can also easily sort, filter and view receipts and expenses for proper budgeting and accounting. You will have proper built-in reports which include expense, job, travel cost, time tracking and more. That would get you an accurate view of how your business is performing and what changes you need to make. 

You can also create customized accounting codes for common expenses to quicken the process of accounting and creating payrolls. You will also be able to track reimbursements and mark the paid ones so you don't reimburse the same receipt twice by mistake.

Chemical Tracking

A lot of jurisdictions ask cleaning companies to keep a record of their chemicals and pesticides and track them for up to seven years. If that's the case with you, you would know the struggle of abiding by a seemingly useless task.

Well, it isn't as challenging anymore with help of advance cleaning software. You can capture all the chemical information within a client or a job's file, and get the complete chemical application history of your company any time. You can also add the chemical's name and amount of usage beside each job.

You would also be able to mark whether you brought the chemical with you or the client provided it. Sometimes clients are adamant on using their cleaners and you can't keep these in your records.

Job Notes/Attachments

The minute details are extremely important when you are running a cleaning service. For instance, if your client asked you to send a maid with an extra pair of wipes or ask her to clean the backyard too, you must convey this to the maid properly. That prevents undue miscommunication, quarrel and brings reliability to your brand's name.

And now you don't need to separately call each employee to tell all this. Just update the work request or quote in the job and it will reach the relevant maid. The job information would include client information, service information as well as additional notes for any special demands of the client.

Your team hence would have a clearer picture and be ready beforehand for what the client exactly needs. They would go equipped with all raw materials and tools. You can also move jobs around easily on the calendar and reassign team members when one is having a hectic day.

All your team will receive push notifications as soon as you add a quick note. The client information would include proper address, name, phone number, relevant photos, and the notes too. You can also custom line items and add services and products with relevant prices. Then you would have access to proper costs for all your services.

You can also include signed agreements, special requirements, photos or separate files along with the tasks for proper reference for your team.

Accounting Sync

The cleaning management software provides synchronisation with accounting software that helps you create payrolls, invoices and more in quick time. You would also be able to avoid double entry and get proper and accurate payment information with each of these. 

Now we look at some of the characteristics that your Maid Scheduling Software must have to stand among the best. Only the top quality and well-optimized software would be able to provide you with any benefits and save you time and money. Otherwise, it's a complete waste.

10 Characteristics that make a Great Maid Service Software

User-Friendly UI

The software of any kind must be user-friendly to provide you with any real benefits. Software designed for developers is different. For software for managing maids, it should have a proper UI that is easily understandable.

Navigation should be quick and you should have all the basic options in front of you. You shouldn’t be required to log in every time you open the application. That is one decisive part.

As an owner of a maid cleaning service, you would probably not pride yourself on being the most technically sound. Now, why are you buying this software? To make tasks easy for you.

For that to happen, you should have all the options in front of you. Options like scheduling and employee tracking should be on the front page like that in Maidily. That helps you to straightaway to see the location of your maids.

Once you can check the location of your maids, you will be able to decide which one to assign the current task. Other than that, scheduling and seeing tasks in the software should be easy too because the maids would also use it. Typically, they don’t have much knowledge about these and basic software is a maximum they would be able to learn.

Proper GPS Tracking

One of the major reasons why people buy maid service software is because they want to track their on-field employees and ensure they are properly doing their task and aren’t roaming around. The second reason is that it makes it easier to assign a new task to a particular maid when you know the location.

Assigning the closest maid to the location helps you save on travel cost and also deliver the service as quickly as possible. That is hitting two targets in one shot and that’s what happens when your software has proper GPS tracking.

Hence a maid cleaning software will probably be useless without tracking. Moreover, it has traditionally been difficult for even professional maids to find houses through addresses.

This software though provides the fastest and easiest route to the job location. Hence you would save on travel expense as well as would deliver the service promptly.

Proper Scheduling

Scheduling hassles are on the top of the list of issues with managing a cleaning service. You have so much to do from fixing various appointments, assigning tasks to maids, cancelling appointments, listing proper details of the client, details of the job, expenses and even the additional notes.

You would have to maintain spreadsheets for each of these tasks and convey the messages via a call to the maids. Then you don’t know whether they’re free or not at times. You can’t give the customer your word until you are sure that the maid is free.

What proper scheduling does is that it provides a well organized and structured calendar that lists each of your team member and their current status. It would include their previous, current as well as upcoming tasks with proper timelines.

You can filter the timelines, check the locations and accordingly assign a new job to a team member without consulting them. As soon as you add a task to their schedule, they would get a push notification in their app.

Should Have Feedback Tool

The feedback mechanism is the heart of a service-based company. Traditionally, you would have share forms for customer feedback. But at the time of service, most of the customers are happy.

The problems arise afterwards. Instead of having a separate contract with a call centre or hiring customer care executives, you can use the software for maid smanagement to receive client complaints, feedbacks, issues and more. 

Your customers will be able to instantly send out complaints through the software which your team will receive. You can then respond accordingly as well as instantly to maintain a good client-customer relationship.

Attendance Management

Running a maid cleaning service involves managing the punctuality of your employees too. Being the sole owner and the manager of the business, you might find a hard time keeping a track of everything including attendance.

Good maid management tool solves this issue by recording the attendance whenever your maid enters. You can also track the working hours which get added to their profile.

That helps count the overtime as well as create a proper payroll at the end of the month. You would also get to know which employees are proving to be a liability over time.

Mobile Integration

Mobile integration of the software is crucial to make it accessible to everyone and from everywhere. If your management software isn’t integrated with a mobile app or website, you won’t be able to track your team on the field.

Similarly, the team won’t be able to update or display the job, work route, notes and more. That would kill the whole purpose of having an integrated software for the whole team.

Mobile accessibility ensures that the managers and the workforce work together in sync which helps you get the best of the management platform. You would also be able to check the log in times, work times, current tasks, business insights, schedules, invoices, employee data and client data from your home office or even on your way. 

That ensures the work stays smooth even when you’re not available. That would also help you maximize your time on manual administrative tasks and let the software take care of record-keeping and more.


Mistake in invoicing and improper record-keeping of invoices can lead to huge losses over time. But being a one-man army, it can be challenging to manually manage all the invoices. 

Since jobs also differ in styles, you would have to create separate invoices for each style. For instance, some invoices are created after a task while others are sent after the contract only.

In other cases, you would send weekly or monthly invoices for people who keep a maid regularly. To create all these invoices easily, the software set up reminders and automate the process. It creates invoices for different types of tasks once you have put in charges for each service.

You will also be able to keep a track on the invoices that are due or those that have been paid if your software allows invoicing. It is hence a must-have characteristic in a maid management software.

Integrates Online Booking

Most of the users that visit your website might just leave if they don’t find anything catchy. Since you can’t quote on this kind of service straight away, you should have a proper ‘ask for quote’ function. 


Maid Service Management Software allows you to create customized forms that will ask the user to enter their details and ask for a quote. With the integration with the software, the booking button will redirect to your software and would ping you with a message.

You can call or email the user and persuade them further until they like your offer and ask for your services. The software also allows clients to instantly book an appointment from your website through smooth integration. 

Free Trial


Maid Service Scheduling Software is gaining popularity but still aren't the top choice method of management for cleaning companies. Even some large firms still rely on manual labour to all the tasks and keep separate spreadsheets for invoicing and to keep records.

But looking at the various beneficial features of the management software, you might be tempted to give it a try and see if it saves you time and money. If that is the case, you would get a free trial option for up to 14 days with software like Maidily.

You can use the advance software, get a hang of it and determine if it's beneficial for you in 14 days which is quite ample time.

Create Subscriptions and Coupons

You can manage all your customer subscriptions with ease using the top maid managing softwares. The software will automatically recreate each job at regular intervals. You would just have to update the software when the subscription is ended to stop the count.

You can also create customized coupons to your customers and drive your sales higher. The coupons are extremely common sales tools especially in festive seasons where the demand is high and you want to maximize. 

You can also set an expiration date on coupons which ensures the customer takes your service again soon enough. Similarly, you can set the coupon status active or inactive at any time. You can quickly check how much your discount is working and which services are most used on discounts. What else do you need from a Maid Business Software anyway?

What to expect from a Great Maid Service Software?

When you buy an effective maid service software, you would expect a few basic things to work right. Firstly, you would want the software to manage your schedule in an easy to use platform that even your maids can operate. 

What else do you think is crucial? Do you want your software to be responsible for billing? Do you want it to manage the invoicing tasks as well? But at what costs? Let's look at the most important factors you should consider before buying a maid managing software.

Easy to Use

Above all, your software should be easy to use. Period. Running a cleaning business company is already a hectic task. Now you don't want a software that aims at simplifying things to be complicated in itself.

What good would it do if allows you to schedule, track, send messages and more but is so complicated that you mistakenly cancel an appointment? Or what are the features useful for if you can't find them. How would you understand reports and data if it isn't structured and displayed properly?

First and foremost your maid service work order software should have an intuitive interface and should lay out everything in front of you. Even when it has dropbox menus, the primary things should be always in front of you as soon as you turn it on.

For instance, the scheduling is the most important part. That is the part you have to constantly manage. Assigning tasks to new maids and making new appointments is the primary task you need it to manage.

So the schedule should always be in front of you. You should be able to see which of your maids are working at right now, which ones have upcoming tasks and at what time, and which ones are free. Similarly, having their locations is an excellent addition as that would allow you to assign tasks to them based on the proximity.

Easy to Implement

Secondly, the software should work across device and be easy to implement. It's great if there's a mobile app because that makes it much easier to communicate with your team on-field through push notifications. 

But even if that's not the case, your software's website should be available to use on all kinds of devices. That would also allow you to access the software while at the home, office or even on your way. You'll even be able to watch out for your business while you're on a vacation. In that way, you can ensure you don't lose clients just because you didn't have your laptop in front of you.


The software shouldn't cost too much that it surpasses the salary of an employee. In that case, it would be better to have an employee manage all this. It should fit your budget although you might realize later that the software is worth much more than what it costs. A lot of software offers a one time amount and then a per person charge for your team after 10 members or so. 

It Should Show Reports

What's the use of technology and data when you can't interpret and analyse it? You should know where you stand and what's the way forward when you employ software to work. With all the data that your software collects, it should be able to generate comprehensive reports that are easy to read and display decisive conclusions.

After analysing the tasks you did in the month, your employee performance and more will you be able to gauge whether you need new equipment, need to hire new maids or need to layoff someone. You will also have a better idea of your profits and the expenses after this. Then you can decide on upgrading your rates too.

Detailed Comparison

#1. Maidily

Maidily is a cloud-based cleaning services management software. The software is available on the web and is compatible with all kinds of browsers including mobile ones. That checks the part of mobile integration.

The software has an extremely dynamic scheduling function, online checkout, job management function, Stripe integration, Twilio integration, as well as a very robust notification system. 

If you are looking for a proper management software that covers it all- look no further. The Maidily software covers each aspect of management that you can think of. Whether it’s the schedule, whether it’s customer service, payments and whatnot.

The app has a beautiful interface that is a joy to operate. They also have excellent checkout forms that you must try at least once. Here are the standout features and ample reasons why Maidily is a software you can’t miss having in your cleaning service company:

The software has a very robust CRM which means you’ll be able to see all the current tasks, customers and their details in one place. The software creates a customer profile page which contains their specific analytics, the employee assigned to the particular customer, previous booking history and attachments. Previous booking history tells you a lot about the customer and also lets you know about your retention value and how you can hold on to that customer. You will also be able to see all the previous and upcoming tasks of a customer from a single page. The page also includes their invoice status and other stuff. Your team can see all this information which comes in useful for them to be ready.

The scheduling command centre of Maidily is one of the smoothest and well-structured features of this app. It properly displays the available maids along with their photos. All you need to do is click on the display picture and select the maid as per your preference. That helps when you’re on the call with customer and checking if you have any maids available by the evening or so. Another click would send out reminders so you don’t actually have to call the maids yourself. That streamlines the process and saves you a lot of hassle. The scheduling is created such that it automatically creates recurring jobs itself.

Managing your task has never been easier than this. Maidily allows you to check your ongoing tasks, delays in tasks and previous tasks to ensure you don’t miss a thing on your growing to-do list. You can use the time range filter to check previous tasks or time taken to do a previous task too. Gone are the days of tracking everything with pen and paper and knowing about delays three hours later. You can manage all this in real-time right in front of your eyes now.

You can also seamlessly cancel jobs at just a click with Maidily software. Although that is bad news to be having to cancel a task, that is imperative at times. Maidily makes at least managing the cancelled task easier so that it doesn’t affect the other tasks and the overall working of the company. The software would handle the cancellation tracking, send notifications to the maid, handle the receipt as well as the notation in scheduling. Cancelled jobs will also show up in various analytics so you know how many jobs you had to cancel in the month. Manage it well and try to keep the number low with Maidily.

If you’re into data analytics and want to grow your company and bring in changes based on facts, you will love this feature. Maidily builds automatic reports all the time. These reports are based on key metrics which can help you manage key aspects of your business and increase your profits. You will be able to view your complete customer list, invoices, payroll, expenses, and unpaid customers. You can view and export these lists for your team meetings where you can build strategies for faster growth. The proper presentation of sales, recurring jobs and more makes the data more readable too.

And how can we forget about coupons? Now we all want to boost our sales one way or the other. With the rise in cleaning service companies, the competition is stiff and everyone is dishing out lucrative offers to win clients. You can also offer your clients something more than just what they need by adding a coupon code to your advertisement or listing. Maidily allows you to create hundreds of coupon codes with proper expiration dates. You can also set the status of the codes to active or inactive depending upon your preference. You can also check which coupon codes are being used the most and on what jobs through a simple and interactive interface.

Maidily also lets you manage your customer subscriptions by maintaining a list with the calendar. Here you will get the information about when your client makes the payment, their previous invoice and it also recreates jobs automatically. It also renews the subscription until of course, your client chooses to cancel. No more maintaining diaries for each customer, and you don’t have to miss opportunities due to calendar glitches anymore. You couldn’t have thought you would find customer subscription records too in an app instead of the google calendar or so.

You can integrate your pricing and products using Maidily’s online booking conversion form. You can also keep your cards close to yourself and quote each customer according to their needs. You will have complete control over your pricing and can also update it into your system. That also helps avoid double entry and your customers would get complete transparency. You can also upsell by creating extra offers apart from the current subscriptions. Choose from Maidily’s standard pricing methodology which allows for a complete turnkey solution. Your customers would love the wide range of packages you offer. They would get more than one service more often than not and that will only please you

You can also customize your contact points before, during and after the job for the communication process to be transparent. The customers expect top quality Amazon-like communication and you should provide them just that. That not only increases the customer satisfaction level but also allows you to retain customers. Moreover, they would recommend your brand to their friends and you would benefit with the word of mouth marketing.

#2. mHelpDesk


One of the fastest maid management software currently in the market, mHelpDesk excels at good communication with customers and offers a fast UI. The fast processes of this software can boost your slow manual processes and streamline your business operations quickly. Here are the most talked about features of mHelpDesk that you would like:

mHelpDesk helps automate your business through smooth customer scheduling. The platform is easy to use and displays all your maids available for work. You would also get to know the current tasks of your workforce and their working hours. That would also allow you to decide better about which members are more efficient and which ones are lagging. 

The software has a proper communication channel for live chat and assistance. Whenever you’re stuck at some point or cannot figure out something with the software, you can just contact their toll-free number. You can also discuss issues and ways of improvement in their community forums. That allows you to get the most out of the software.

The software is available to download mobile devices through the Play Store as well as App Store. That allows for smooth communication between you and your teammates. It helps build a dynamic and healthy atmosphere where you can instantly notify your maids about your task using the push notification feature on this app. You won’t have to go anywhere else for that.

The software allows for quick and easy billing process so that you never forget your due bills. They don’t have separate columns for undue and paid bills but would show you the current status of a bill under the job. You will also be able to calculate your profits and receive your money on time when you have proper invoices ready for each kind of customer- be it the monthly paying one or those who pay at the end of the contract.

If computers aren’t your thing, mHelpDesk would be a great option for you because of their interactive help desk. They arrange for webinars and meetings to guide you through the process easily. The app doesn’t have too many features like that in Maidily but it’s a simple app that would help you streamline your basic cleaning business operations.

#3. Zenmaid

Zenmaid is a simple maid scheduling software that specialises to help maid business owners keep track of their workforce and money. Scheduling is their unique selling point as they offer an interactive and user-friendly UI to sort your schedules and appointments properly. It does require a level of expertise in computers to get acquainted to this software. Here are the features we like about this software:

Zenmaid offers an intuitive calendar that helps you sort out all the appointment and jobs throughout the month with ease. You have the whole days of the month and the task assigned on each day to each maid in front of you. That lets you know which ones of your maid are free at which point of time. That quickens up the process of fixing appointments and ensures your customers don’t have apprehensions booking with you because you have a busy schedule. You can now throw away your old spreadsheets and pen and paper. The software will handle the scheduling pretty uniformly. Although it is a bit complicated to handle at first because the interface looks a bit cluttered with all the information.

Zenmaid offers a separate section for feedback of customers. Customer complaints and feedback will be shown in a separate section which ensures you don’t skip through a customer’s mail and leave them unattended. That reduces your chances of losing a customer because of poor after-sales service. Of course, you should be considerate enough to listen to them after the software notifies you.

Zenmaid offers monthly and daily reports based on different key metrics like tasks completed, tasks cancelled total earnings and more. The reports aren’t well-represented although you will find a few major factors like which maid has performed more than the others and which one is more efficient using these intuitive reports. If you are a fan of data, you can use this to grow your business faster. You would need to have your analyst to interpret the data and create a presentation because the app’s visuals are quite mediocre and cluttered.

Having software to keep track of your invoices, schedule and create reports ensures that you would have more time to think about ways to expand your business. Many cleaning business owners complain that they are too busy to think about ways of improvement because of the extensive work. Having software handling such things provides you more time to find new equipment, hire more employees and expand your roots.

Zenmaid allows you to send reminders and ‘on the way’ notifications to your clients. Reminders are essential because customers at times forget that they consulted your cleaning service. You would have to manually type the reminder and design the message though. We have found out that other competitor apps like Maidily send pre-written reminders depending upon requirements which further eases your task. Nonetheless , reminders are useful because when the day comes, your customers might call up some other cleaning business that pitched them. Keep sending them reminders now and then using the app to ensure you remain in their mind and their first choice when they need. You can also send feedback forms to your clients using the software. That increases the chances of getting referrals and ensures customer satisfaction.

Zenmaid can also handle your payroll by calculating the work done by each individual. You won’t have to spend hours on your Excel sheet and would quickly generate the payroll for each employee using this software. It’s not relieving you of all the work though. You still have to check the work done by the employee, leaves taken, bonuses and more before making the payment. Don’t rely too much on a software when it comes to payrolls as a little mistake can lead to losses for you or the employee. Leaving the task to the software though lets you get some time for yourself and your team will be paid for the work they did on time. They won’t have to wait much because you have the payroll generated in minutes.

#4. Housecall Pro

One of the oldest names in the industry, Housecall Pro is a reliable maid service software. Their calendar is one of the easiest to use with a quick drag and drop feature. Their user interface is smooth and easy to use although the app isn’t laden with features like some of the other options in the list. It’s a simpler option but quite effective. Here are the salient features of this software:

The drag and drop feature of the calendar allows you to easily reassign a job or reschedule it. You can also go back to a job at any time and change its details or add a note for extra assistance to your team. You can also add new maids to a job if the task increases in burden over time. The complete calendar shows all the current jobs, employees sent payment status and more. The calendar provides a clear overview of the status of all your employees. You can hence assign new tasks to your workforce on the field while you stay in the office. You can also set arrival windows and notify team members through notifications in the app. Your team will also be shown the estimated time and complete details of the job in the calendar. They will get automatic notifications whenever you assign a new job or there’s a change in the current job.

You can provide the option of online booking on your website through the software. That will ensure convenience for the customers which they demand when looking for a cleaning service from home. You can also send follow up mails and ‘on my way’ notifications for a better experience to the customers. They don’t have to call you all the time and be troubled to wait for your maid. You can also set up various payment options for customer’s ease. They can pay online too if they want the transaction to be contact-free. Your customers will also be able to watch your schedule right on your Facebook page when you use this software.

Secure online payments also add reliability to your service which is ensured using this software. You can also send customized invoices to your clients using a single click. Since it’s a service-based job, the estimates do differ from the actual cost at times. You can create invoices instantly after the customer’s approval after the job is done. You will have all the information available on the software and won’t need to go through tedious paperwork to create invoices.

The software allows for GPS tracking so that you can locate your team wherever they’re headed. That ensured your team remains in your control and under your watchful eye all the time. That also allows you to flexibly assign task to the maid who is closer to the current client destination. And all of that is possible while you still stay in your comfy couch at the office.

#5. FieldEZ

FieldEZ is a software specializing in managing employees who constantly work on field while you stay in the office. In your maid cleaning company, that is more often the case and hence such software is effective for you. It facilitates a proper communication channel for you to communicate to your team regarding new jobs, updates and more. The software covers it all from employee management to field service management. Here are the features of this software that we love:

FieldEZ like all software of this category offers a simple interface for scheduling. Scheduling is the primary challenge when it comes to maid cleaning services and FieldEZ offers a calendar through which you can see which of your maids are free to work right now. You can then select the one closest to the location so that you can provide the earliest time to your client depending upon priority. Of course, you’d have to see whether the maid specialises in that particular task or you would need another employee that is a bit far away and would reach in the required timeline.

The software can smoothly optimize the route according to the job location. That can help you minimize your travel expenses and quicken the travel time too. You would be able to decide which maid to choose at which point in time. The software also allows the maid to find the best route to the job site spending lesser gas and saving you costs.

The software tracks the time each maid spent at the job site. It evaluates the time based on the task and then shows you how efficient your employee was. The time tracking technology ensures that you know which employees are lagging behind and which ones are more efficient than the others. That also ensures you can motivate your team and allow the best performers to set an example.

The software automatically generates invoices through the automatic invoicing tool for the members who take work on a subscription basis. It would automatically generate the invoice in the set time for monthly billing and remind your clients to pay online. That ensures you don’t let any payments slip by and get your payments on time. Timely payments allow you to expand your business by investing your profits in equipment and advertising.

The software has a separate section for client requests which ensures you don’t miss out on any of them. You can act according to your client’s custom requests and retain them for longer by providing an optimum customer experience. 

The software also sends customer feedback instantly to the field managers to ensure the client’s issues are immediately addressed. Managing all this isn’t possible by yourself and ignoring customer feedback can lead to losing clients. We all know how easy it is to retain a client and how difficult is to get a new client. The software is great if your aim is providing proper assistance to customers and build a strong relationship.

On-site employees can record their attendances on the mobile device using the software. That ensures you don’t miss any employee’s attendance while they’re working on the field. It also facilitates a smooth mechanism for calculating attendance and leaves. Having the attendance counter inside the app means you don’t have to keep a separate register or designate a separate employee for this task. The software is self-sufficient for most of your needs.

Choosing a maid service software can be a challenging task looking at the long list of features they have. But reading our buying guide properly can help you get a better idea and make a better choice. Try to fit the guide to your own service and weigh in your needs before finalising on one.

You also have various other options to choose from but these here are best-in-class that have garnered rich praises from their users. Choose wisely and we recommend you to take the trial first to see if the software actually helps you and fits your needs.

Check Out the winner - Maidily.com